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Affiliate marketing

Neurs.com AMP. New tools to quick and simplify our job of Promoter.

At the beginning the invitation process give several problems to the Promoter cause all experimented difficulties and for this reason the company solved quickly this issue. Now every Promoter can define an Independent Affiliate web page so we can invite our contacts sending only a link to them.

For sure now it is more quick and simple because you can send a note about this opportunity to your contacts with this link. Every persons that go to your Independent Affiliate web page and she registered there formally she has accepted your invitation.
Our Independent Affiliate web page is also more useful because when you write a post in your blog or in the social network you can give this Affiliation opportunity inviting directly the reader without any email exchange among yourselves.

If the company does not limit the naming rules of your link it will be always useful using common or generic name with a meaning related to the company business or maybe more targeted to a particular segment that we are able to manage more effectively or several other that they can take sense (for example neurseurope.neurs.net).
In this case when someone make a web search it is more easy for us to stay in the 1st page of the web search results.
The suggestion is to create directly an email account with the same name neurseurope@gmail.com and after when you register like an Independent Affiliate and you can insert directly this data in specific fields like Name, email and so on. You can upload also the NEURS logo and finally you try to create your desired Independent Affiliate web page URL.

Sources and more information in: https://es.neurs.com/blog

To start promoting you can call the persons that invited you to see this post or you can go to 

The author: Ing Lanfranco Colella, Digital marketing manager
Business developmentin salud2bienestar.com and he participate in the Affiliate Marketing Program of NEURS.
He has interests in the Digital market, Social media and word-of-Mouth Marketing.


Acerca de Lanfranco Colella in salud2bienestar

I am an engineer graduated in 1994 in Polytechnic of Milan (Italy) and later in 2010 in ESADE business school (Spain) for an Executive master in Marketing and Sales management. I discuss subjects related to Business startup, Network marketing, social network marketing and WOMM in addition to Health and Wellness.


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