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Affiliate marketing

Optimization of your Promotional activity with NEURS.com’s Affiliate Marketing Program.

Our promotional activities with this NEURS.com’s Affiliate Marketing Program or AMP allow the company to have several sources of income and the most important are:
-> like other social network NEURS.com can propose Basic free user account and different type of premium user account that will be charged.
-> NEURS.com is able to profile every user and for this reason depending from the company that want to buy adv it will be possible to reach a lot of micro-segments related to with different characteristics like tastes/preferences/interests etc. and this information is worth “GOLD” at the time of transmitting advertising messages.

Spreading the message we collaborate indispensably to create this network of users so we are helping to set up a “money machine” that in another way and with giants like Facebook , LinkedIn would be really difficult.
At the end a part of these sources of income we will have our part of profit that we will share depending on our Marketing reach. For what we understand it is more probable that our profit will come from the 1st income sources.

Once we signed in NEURS.com we can start our Promotional activities taking advantage of the Affiliation Marketing Program or NEURS.com AMP.
Due to the characteristic of this AMP and of NEURS.com social network to maximize our profits we have to focus some key points:
3 . Professionals which they can be interested over the NEURS.com commercial proposals.
4. NEURS.com decide to distributes a significant portion of the profits to the Promoter who involve numerous first lines.
5 . Indirect fees . The professionals that allow us to enjoy a powerful leverage or multiplier effect and thus develop in-depth the organization .

Operationally trying to understand what we have to do in details to arrange an effective Promotion I list here some characteristics of our contacts that we have to select with a priority:
6.   They have thousands of contacts in social media
7.   Professionals in the offline/online Communication as bloggers etc .
8.   “Influencers ” that can exert influence in wide circles
9.   Professionals in the Educational sector
10. Executives of large / medium and small companies
11. Propose to the Networkers (i.e. the Multi-Level Marketing professionals) to integrate a new business line because NEURS.com AMP is not a competitor and the businesses are compatible.

SPEED is key to leverage the effect of viral propagation. In this case Promotion activity has no barrier that is does not have any type of expense that can significantly reduce the Marketing Reach. So the Promoter without spending anything can involve thousands of people and a percentage of these will be future users of NEURS.com where we won.
Finally we have the crucial stage of FOLLOWING the propagation of our promotional activities and considering the leverage effect we obtain from Indirect commissions it is important to take care to the duplication of our job.

Therefore we have to schedule a calendar with all the activities to follow and a daily To do list.
Obviously our collaboration in the Internet is profitable as well as crucial for us to achieve good results in this activity.

Sources and more information in: https://es.neurs.com/blog

To start promoting you can call the persons that invited you to see this post or you can go to 

The author: Ing Lanfranco Colella, Digital marketing manager
Business developmentin salud2bienestar.com and he participate in the Affiliate Marketing Program of NEURS.
He has interests in the Digital market, Social media and word-of-Mouth Marketing.


Acerca de Lanfranco Colella in salud2bienestar

I am an engineer graduated in 1994 in Polytechnic of Milan (Italy) and later in 2010 in ESADE business school (Spain) for an Executive master in Marketing and Sales management. I discuss subjects related to Business startup, Network marketing, social network marketing and WOMM in addition to Health and Wellness.


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