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Information’s age evolution to the Crowd business.

I remember in 1994 I was a student in Polytechnic of Milan in Italy. I was studying a course of engineering. Only 20 years but it was a totally different period.
I saw for the first time an Apple PC in a dedicated rooms where the students we were able to share a IT resources.
Some years before you were able to buy a Commodore 64 or a Sinclair ZX Spectrum substantially machines you can use to play offline basic computer game until finally we arrive to the period of the IBM PC compatible’s market domination.

Now I try to resume what it is occurred until now.
We were at the beginning of the information age. The computer market was dominated by few Big player and on the other side Big clients like bank and other important companies that substantially they try to automate basic repetitive operations of the back-office using expensive mainframe that it run software created with the first types of programming language.
With the new Apple computer single users solution and the successive IBM PC compatible market domination we enter in the 2nd period of the information age. Also in this case the computer for a single users allow every one to simplify our job and increase our efficiency but substantially our job and activities it were the same.
After that we start to have the first Internet Service Providers and gradually the early adopters they start to be online and it start the 3rd period of the information age.
Obvious that all this big technology evolutions every time open a new market for new products and services. In this case you can start to buy online some products and services and you can have the first free online services like Web search, Email services.
When we were all online we conquered the last important thing the connectivity.
With Facebook social media we can be connected with our family and friends. On the other side LinkedIn allow us to be connected with our professional colleagues and follow news and updates of different companies. To stay updated about our professional interests we have also thematic interest group.
We have also several social media like Eharmony Elance Groupon Care and much more each one specialized to serve own area of interests.

We are all connected so at the beginning of the information age’s 4th period the online business rise up and a lot of companies they need to have a different commercial proposal online. You can start to see a lot of new digitalized products and the computerization of different services until you can see digital companies that they exist only online.

Now what we can be the next change? In which way the market can evolve?
I imagine that we will have the next market evolution from the online business to the Crowd business.
In this case it is possible that we will have a big boost of business like Direct selling, Multi Level Marketing Affiliate Marketing Program and so on, all 1-to-1 digital business.
An interesting example of this last Crowd business is offered by NEURS social media. It want to connect Entrepreneurs or Aspiring one with Providers of Business opportunity and Providers of Financial TIC and other specific dedicated services.
And NEURS to promote quickly and widely own commercial services decide to use an Affiliate Marketing Program that is able to leverage the profit of the Promoter because they receive commissions according to their Marketing Reach (i.e. the future NEURS’ users that they knows NEURS Directly thanks to their recommendations and Indirectly too).
All this it can generate a virus effect.
Any case the most interesting of NEURS is that in different survey we have a forecast of 400 million persons of Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

We have seen in the last period the high competitiveness of repetitive digital products and business activities and the simplification to outsource every thing that it is no core. Now we have only 6 degrees to stay connected with every one and if we have something interesting our commercial proposals are more strong and valuable respect others because we are able to recommend them to our contacts and indirectly our promotion it can have also a really strong Marketing Reach.
In the next years in this market all businesses they can have an improvement and we will see also several actual business that they will go out of the market.
Any case in the medium term we will have an important evolution with a more “democratic” businesses and a wealth redistribution.

Sources and more information in: https://es.neurs.com/blog

The author: Ing Lanfranco Colella, Digital marketing manager
Business developmentin salud2bienestar.com and he participate in the Affiliate Marketing Program of NEURS.
He has interests in the Digital market, Social media and Word-of-mouth Marketing.


Acerca de Lanfranco Colella in salud2bienestar

I am an engineer graduated in 1994 in Polytechnic of Milan (Italy) and later in 2010 in ESADE business school (Spain) for an Executive master in Marketing and Sales management. I discuss subjects related to Business startup, Network marketing, social network marketing and WOMM in addition to Health and Wellness.


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