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Key points to improve the effectiveness of your MLM and increase your profits with a social media for entrepreneurs.

Today you have Facebook social media to stay in contact with your family and friends and you have also Linkedin to stay in contact with different professional of your interest.
NEURS.com is operative next March 15th to connect:
– Entrepreneurs/Aspiring entrepreneurs with
– Providers of Business Opportunity/Franchising/Direct sales/MLM and other specific services for entrepreneurs like Legal & Patent services, Financial services Venture capital Business angel, Marketing & communication services, IT services etc.

66% of the world’s adult population would like to be an entrepreneur in Italy it is 70% and in Spain 58% according to Fortune magazine, Adnkronos and trabajando.com surveys respectively.
The big advantage here is that you can find highly selected groups of aspiring entrepreneurs and Networkers. If you have an interesting business opportunity here you can quickly suggest it to people who are looking for something similar improving your effectiveness.

Furthermore the AMP (i.e. Affiliate Marketing Program) used by several companies like for example Groupon Amazon.com and Apple’s iTune compensate the Promotion of their commercial offers to potential users. NEURS.com give you commissions for your Direct contacts that they will be NEURS.com’s future users and for your downline up to 30 levels.

And you are entitled to receive your commissions but you don’t have the obligation to buy a Welcome pack and neither you have repetitive costs. This thing stimulates in Internet a virus effect so our promotion results are incomparable.
Each week the growth is amazing and this activity started on January 25th after only 3 weeks the best Promoter he has over 760 direct contacts and who was on 5th place he has over 200.

Sources and more information in: https://es.neurs.com/blog

To receive the compensation plan and start promoting you can call the persons that invited you to see this post or you can go to http://neurseurope.neurs.net/l/en

The author: Ing Lanfranco Colella, Digital marketing manager
Business developmentin salud2bienestar.com and he participate in the Affiliate Marketing Program of NEURS.
He has interests in the Digital market, Social media and word-of-Mouth Marketing.


Acerca de Lanfranco Colella in salud2bienestar

I am an engineer graduated in 1994 in Polytechnic of Milan (Italy) and later in 2010 in ESADE business school (Spain) for an Executive master in Marketing and Sales management. I discuss subjects related to Business startup, Network marketing, social network marketing and WOMM in addition to Health and Wellness.


Un comentario en “Key points to improve the effectiveness of your MLM and increase your profits with a social media for entrepreneurs.

  1. Dave, that totally reminds me of Crazy Eddy. Your WA site has a lot of great content. Thanks for making me laugh and sharing the link.

    Publicado por Jillian | 02/05/2014, 12:45


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